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 Shweta Rajendra Shelar

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NameShweta Rajendra Shelar
Unique ID1407
DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)8/29/1996
Age (Yrs)19
About meShweta is happy girl appeared for third year of Bachelor in computer science (BCS). Her hobbies are reading books and playing football. Now she join C++ language class. In this summer she went to Mulasi where her paternal relatives are living. After completing this degree, she prefers to do job.
Father's NameRajendra
Father's OccupationPMT bus conductor
Mother's NameSunanda
Mother's OccupationHousewife and agriculture work at village
Annual Family Income (Rs)180000
Necessities/ Break-upcollege fee Rs.; 32000, Stationary, books & bag -Rs. 1500; Co-curricular activities including English Enhancement program, visit, life skill sessions – Rs 600/- ,Prof.charges including guidance from Social Worker –Rs 1000/, Admn & cost of Payment Gateway( 5 %) - Rs. 1755/-)
Amount required (Rs)36855
Amount Raised (Rs)0
Amount Remaining (Rs)36855
Education completedSecond year Bachelor in computer science
Hobbies Reading books and helping others
Caretaking NGOidea
Year2016 - 2017

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