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 B. Saket

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NameB. Saket
Unique ID1590
DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)7/16/2014
Age (Yrs)5
StateAndhra Pradesh
About meSaket is studying I class at IGMM High School, Kurnool. His mother works as a cleaner in a hotel. After marrying another women, his father left them and there is no one to look after them. His mother's minimum wage is not sufficient to meet the basic needs of their family. He is a semi-orphan. Now he is residing at SERUDS. We are providing him education, food, shelter and everything
Father's NameB. Nagaraju
Father's OccupationLeft them and married another women
Mother's NameB. Lakshmi Devi
Mother's OccupationCleaner in a Hotel
Annual Family Income (Rs)20000
Necessities/ Break-upFor the year 2020-2021: School Fee: 7000, Education Material(notebooks, textbooks, stationery): 3500, Food & Shelter: 6000, Uniforms & Dresses: 5500, Medical: 1000, Other accessories: 1000
Amount required (Rs)24000
Amount Raised (Rs)0
Amount Remaining (Rs)24000
Education completedUKG
HobbiesPlaying games and watching TV
Caretaking NGOseruds
Year2016 - 2017

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