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 Rameza Begum

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NameRameza Begum
Unique ID1011
DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)11/22/2002
Age (Yrs)10
About meRameza begum studying 8th class (2019-20) at Govt. primaray School, CPL, Amberpet. Her parents are from Hyderabad doing labour work from the beginning. They are illiterates. Her father-Md Ibrahim Ahmed is working as painter and does white washing work. He gets only seasonal work. He has lot of health problems and does not go to work regularly. Her mother-Hafeesa begum works as domestic servant in a house and gets very meager income. The income from all the sources is not sufficient to maintain the family, pay rent, and meet the educational needs of the family. They don’t have ration card or any other benefit from Govt. they cook with fire wood. Rameza has a very strong wish to continue school.
Updates29-5-19 : she needs support to continu school education, other wise she may go for domestic work along with her mother and beocme child labour
Father's NameIbrahim Ahmed
Father's Occupation daily labour (patient )
Mother's NameHafeesa
Mother's OccupationLabour
Annual Family Income (Rs)18000
Necessities/ Break-upEducational material, notebooks, pens/pencils, stationery, Tuition/School fee, etc (Rs.1800), Supply of commodities (like rice, dal, soaps, vermicelli, tooth paste/bruch, oil, (Rs.2100) Health Care/checkups/vitamins (Rs.600), Toiletries/ Uniforms/dresses, (Rs.900),Child meetings/get-togethers, travel and administration (Rs.600)
Amount required (Rs)6000
Amount Raised (Rs)6000
Amount Remaining (Rs)0
Education completed8 th class(2019-20)studying
Hobbiesplaying, drawing
Caretaking NGOsahara
Year2012 - 2013

My Godparents
Details FullNameStateCountryContribution (Rs)
DetailsVinoth DhinakaranTexasUnited States6000