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Godparents Foundation

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'' is an online platform with a mission to bring together NGOs and potential donors assisting in the nationwide effort to create opportunities for the millions of underprivileged children who otherwise do not have access to even the most basic necessities of life.

On our website, you will find profiles of real children in need who can benefit directly from your support and care. You can choose to be a Godparent to any child thus opening up for them a world of wonderful opportunities. Further, you can nurture your relationships with your Godchildren by periodically monitoring the impact your financial assistance has made to their lives. partners with NGOs that have a proven record of dedication and committment to the cause of creating opportunites for underprivileged children. In establishing partnership with NGOs across India, our aim is to reach children from as far and remote locations as possible. Through, our partner NGOs can create profiles of children which you can browse and help the respective NGO to support them. And when you do, you not only get the unique satisfaction of being a Godparent but also support the respective NGO to do more of what it does, more efficiently. aims to be a data-rich, transparent platform specifically focussed at facilitating one-to-one financial support to underprivileged children. This has now become possible thanks to the growing reach of the Internet and the growing incomes of Indians around the globe. We strive to enable you in making informed decisions on your donations, track where your money goes, how it is used, and most importantly how it impacts the lives of children that you choose to support. Child sponsorship has always been a high overhead business, but we aim to bring down the administrative costs by using the instant, inexpensive nature of internet delivery. We are trying to promote a culture of online-relationships just as it happens on the social-networing websites. We are a 'Social-Service Network', a network of socially-minded individuals and organizations.