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Godparents Foundation
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A report on the current status of children in India

Tax Benefit

80G / 35AC
Contributions to all NGOs listed on are eligible for Tax Exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act in India. Contributions to some NGOs are also eligible for Tax Exemption u/s 35AC. (Applicable to Indian tax-payers only)

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You can be a Godparent to this child
Godparent: A godparent is an individual other than a child's biological parents who commits to take interest in the child's upbringing and personal development.

What is ?

We are a non-profit organization with a primary focus on upliftment of the underprivileged children in India.

Today, several NGOs are active across the country, directly providing children with basic education, nutrition, sanitation etc, thus empowering them with the confidence and skills to take control of their future.

Being a scattered and largely unorganized sector, NGOs often find themselves in a predicament dividing time between raising funds and helping children. aims at assisting such NGOs by raising funds for them, and allowing them to concentrate on what they do best.

How it works ?

- You donate an amount for a child you wish to support

- We collect it on behalf of the child, and pass it to the caretaking NGO

- The caretaking NGO then provides for the child's necessities supported by you

- The transparency of our operations gives you the power to instantly track exactly where your donations have gone, and to regularly monitor their real impact on the children's lives.

...see flowchart

FIVE steps to become a Godparent:

Step 1: Register  with for free

Step 2: Find a child  you would like to support. If you are not an Indian citizen/NRI, you can support a child with FCRA = 'Y'.

Step 3: Assess the child's needs from his/her profile and decide an amount you want to donate.

Step 4: Contribute the required amount to the caretaking NGO (You may want to check NGO Details , and our Credibility Criteria  before you make a decision)

Step 5: Monitor the progress of your Godchild through regular updates on their profile page, and that of the partner NGO through their Annual Report (Check your entitlements)

A Godparent's Entitlements:

- A payment receipt, which can be used for tax-benefit purpose (Indian tax-payers only), directly from the recepient NGO

- Regular update on Godchild's progress (through updates on child's profile)

- Annual Report on the activities of recepient NGO
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